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Original oil painting available. Price upon request.

Multi Color Umbrellas
Multi Color Umbrellas, 18″h x 36″w x 3″d (46cm x 92cm x 7cm)

On this day, the umbrellas all seemed to coordinate in their color and movement, as if they had conspired to appear in color sync with one another. They usual array of floral or aquatic patterns were missing this day and so a choreographed dance of the umbrellas seemed to take place in that moment. This was my second version of the painting, the first being from a wider angle, but I wanted a more cropped vision of the swirling colors to create a more kaleidoscopic effect. The effort was to abstract the image more so it became more of a color story.

Available as an original oil painting and as a limited edition giclee print on canvas, Image size 16″h x 34″w Canvas size 20″ x 38″($500)

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