From another world, deep within, I feel the thump of Keyla’s tiny paw on my chest, urging me back from a dreamland into an emerging morning and a new day. The purring promptings of my cat, from the real world, pulls me from a subconscious realm that I never remember entering…where a reality, of its own, takes hold with more clarity of emotion and wonder and fear than I encounter in a day of my daily life. Where a suspension of what’s possible is replaced by the impossible and answers to dreams are rendered up more as questions than anything else. The ease of the transition into this netherworld is a great wonder to me too, because it takes no effort to slip into it, and even less to arrive at circumstances that defy reality for me, with a dismissal of time and space that bring together people, places and things that rarely, if impossibly, converge on the conscious realm.


Her quiet promptings were not so much to drag me out of this suspension of reality, as it is to move me onto the work of satisfying her immediate needs of a morning petting and fresh food. However, in that moment, I am still caught between the two worlds, keenly aware that I am transitioning out of one and trying to hold onto the other, like it’s a book whose last chapter must be read before I can put it down. Woefully, that is the general result, in that, the story remains incomplete and unresolved and I drag the sense of incompletion into my morning where I hope it doesn’t invade my day. The reverberations of the loss of the ending lingers until coffee is made and she finally gets fed her breakfast.


For so many of us the first light of day, being when we initially open our eyes, is the set point to how our day will unfold. Whether we will be in a good mood or not has more to do with how we transition out of sleep than whether we get out of the wrong side of the bed or not. Whether the dreams left you in a happy and inspired state or a fearful and sad space, you have to take hold of the true reality of the moment, even if it is distinguishable, and be thankful that you have a new day to look out onto and the recognition that life itself is but a dream.


Today’s dream is the imminent visit of a dear friend, Tereza Gonzalez,  from Rio de Janeiro and her two sons’ visit to the Hudson Valley on their first trip to New York.

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