Safe Harbour The lift that happens when something spectacular occurs tends to stay with you for a long time. Perhaps it’s because the rarity of events that lift you out of everyday occurrences makes it something you want to cling to, like a breath of fresh air on a sweltering day. I inhaled just such a moment at the 17th annual benefit for Pat Bransford’s Urban Technology that occurred on June 11th, which provides technology skills to under served youths, when Nicole Ari Parker honored Blair Underwood for his many philanthropic efforts by awarding him with one of my limited edition print of Safe Harbour. His warm appreciation, both on stage and in person, of having been honored and receiving the print, were lessons in graciousness and humility. He intoned to the audience,”To those who have received much, much is expected”, as his many philanthropic ventures were revealed. In a room full of similarly minded contributors to society he spoke to the spirit of the evening and inspired even greater largesse among them.

Also honored were, Emmy award winning Maurice Dubois, who received warm and collegial remarks from fellow broadcast anchor, Lori Stokes, for the vast work he does for the community through health and cultural institutions. Dr. Reatha Clark King, the Clark Atlanta University trustee and academic powerhouse that headed the philanthropic efforts of General Mills Foundations for many years, who encouraged the audience to do all they could in the benefit of others. Jessica Isaacs, an honoree from last year, from Marsh and McLennon, whose goal was continuing to “build bridges by building value”. Wells Fargo presented the organization with a very large donation.

The swanky evening, produced by Sharon Lopez, was attended by many movers and shakers in the corporate, theatrical and academic world. And with the cast from Streetcar Named Desire on hand, along with producers Stephen Byrd and Alia Jones-Harvey, the talented and celebrated quotient rose quite a bit. Vy Higginson’s “Gospel for Teens” choral group provided musical entertainment as the evening started.

Lifted by the good feelings of the honorees and attendees AND seeing my work singularly displayed alongside that of Synthia Saint James‘ had me float home on a beautiful wave for the future.

Blair Underwood and Glenn Tunstull

Blair Underwood and Safe Harbour print

Nicole Ari Parker

Maurice DuBois

Pat Bransford and daughter

Dr. Tom Price and Patricia Hayling-Price

Glenn and Alia Jones-Harvey

Angela Camiola, Blair Underwood and Tené Kelly

Sharon Lopez and Glenn

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